Pursuant to Miami-Dade County
Code Sec. 8-5

Having a property with an Unsafe Structures Case (Posting) or with a Violation can be both highly concerning and daunting to resolve.

Our firm has the recognized professional expertise and experience to help bring a resolution with your Unsafe Structure and or Violation Case.  We can mitigate to resolve your Unsafe Structures Case by assisting you in reaching an agreement with the applicable department(s). Further we can provide necessary reports, provide necessary A/E drawings, obtain permit(s), and aid you throughout the actual repairs during the compliance process. Once all required components of the compliance process are completed, we can also assist you to obtain the “Certificate of Completion or Compliance” for your property and have your “Unsafe Structures Case and /or Violation” closed.

Contact us so that we can determine a viable plan of resolution for the specifics of your case.

For further information, please visit these websites for your corresponding Building Department for Unsafe Structures.  See below links to City of Miami Unsafe Structures page, Miami-Dade County Unsafe Structures page, Miami Beach Permit Violations Page, Coral Gables Permits and Inspections Page, City of Hialeah Code Compliance Department Page, City of Miami Springs View Violations page, City of North Miami Building Department Page and City of Homestead Building Permits Page:


Unfortunately, not all building departments have a specific page for their Violations or Unsafe Structures Division. In that case you may want to reach out to the specific Building Department by phone or in person.