40 Year Building Safety Inspection (Broward County)Section 109.14 Florida Building Code - Broward County

If you have received notice from your Building Department regarding compliance, then the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals has determined that your property(s) must have a Building Safety Inspection performed to comply with Section 109.14 of the Broward County Administrative Provisions for the Florida Building Code. The mandatory Building Safety Inspections programs are not in effect until you receive notification from a city or the County’s building department. Accordingly, once you receive notification from your city or county’s building department you will have only 90 days to provide the required Building Safety Inspection report.

For Your property to comply with this Building Safety Inspection, a licensed Florida Architect or Engineer must perform an inspection of your property(s) and examine for proper evaluation the specific areas of Structural and Electrical concerns, as outlines in the building Safety Inspection Certification Form. This Form must be prepared, signed and sealed by the duly licensed and qualified Inspector. In order to comply with the terms of the Broward County Administrative Provisions to the Florida Building Code, the completed Building Safety Inspection Form must be remitted back to the county or municipality building department, within their stipulated time frame and include any applicable filing fee.

This year we are proud to be celebrating our 33th Anniversary and are very sensitive to the ongoing economic conditions property owners are facing. Therefore, now more than ever, we are ready to provide you with our professional expertise in a cost-effective and conscientiously streamlined manner.

We take great care to assess the general considerations as required by law and realize that you may have questions or concerns regarding this process. For your protection, when making inquiries make sure the Architect or Engineer you hire carried both General and Professional Liability Insurance.

At ArcBuilders and Group, Inc. we welcome your call and will make every effort to provide you with the accurate information you need. Contact our office at your earliest convenience. We will make available to you a price quote for the Professional Services required for the Building Safety Inspection. Once again, we look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time and consideration.

For more information in reference to the Broward County 40-Year Building Safety Inspection Requirements, please visit:


Building Safety Inspection

Building Safety Inspection

All technical questions should be addressed to the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals by contacting (954) 765-4500 Extensions 9886 (wdumbaugh@broward.org) 9887 (hcarrol@broward.org) for structural related issues, or 9888 (tbaker@broward.org) for electrical concerns, or by contacting your city or county building department.