It is that time of year again where the 40/50-Year Recertifications (Section 8-11(f) of the Miami-Dade County Code) are due for commercial properties and multifamily properties (3 units and/or more) in Miami-Dade County. The notices being mailed from your corresponding municipality’s Building Department i.e., Hialeah, Coral Gables, Unincorporated Miami-Dade County, will be mailed to the property owner’s mailing address as is stated in Property Appraiser’s website (link:

It is important to be aware of your due date for the submission of the 40-Year Recertification Report to your corresponding Building Department, as failure to submit by the allotted due date (mentioned in the notice mailed to property owner’s mailing address) may incur a violation posted to the property and violation fees (please visit your municipality’s Building Department website for further information). Once you receive the notice from the Building Department, you will have 90 days to submit the required Recertification Report. In certain municipalities, extensions may be applied for at your corresponding Building Department. Extensions will be granted at their discretion, which will allow you to submit the 40-Year Recertification Report at a later date than the original due date (Note: Due dates are different for each municipality, therefore, please verify with your Building Department on allotted extension days). Please note that filing an extension may incur a fee at the corresponding Building Department.

ArcBuilders and Group has been providing Recertifications for commercial and multifamily properties for 29 years. We welcome the opportunity to provide our services to you and provide you with any further information you may need. Please contact us at your convenience to either inquire about our Rectification services, receive a quote for the Recertification of your property, to schedule a Recertification inspection, or to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the 40/50-Year Recertification process.